Fishing and Hunting

Here at Oak Alley Farms we want to give you the best there is to offer! With access to several hundred acres of private land, your time with us is certain to be an enjoyable one.


Seasoned fly fishermen and novices alike will also enjoy fishing at Oak Alley Farms. Spend the day on a private parcel of fishing access to the Brokenstraw Creek and enjoy the breathtaking views that surround you.


The map to the left identifies property owned by Robert Brace & Sons at Oak Alley Farms. Many portions of the nearly 800 acres shown are available for hunting and fishing access during various seasons of the year. Portions of Oak Alley Farms also neighbor with vast amounts of Pennsylvania Game Lands (over 8,000 acres), providing additional hunting and fishing enjoyment for those visiting the area.

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Owned and operated by Robert Brace & Sons, Waterford, Pa.

Established in 1864 by John Moore


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